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The Basic American Foods.

By: cookbookman

Bacon is probably the most famous American food known by people around the world. Personally I don´t like bacon because it´s to fatty and there is so much grease in it. Some cool bacon facts are that International Bacon Day is September 3rd, bacon is addictive; it contains six types of umami, umami produces an addictive neurochemical response, and a 250 lb pig contains about 23 lbs or bacon.


By: reynermedia

Hamburgers are popular all over the U.S. because there are different burger places and different burger meat. Some known burger places are McDonalds, Burger King, Five Guys, In-N-Out, Whataburger, and The Cozy Inn. Some cool burger facts are, in america 50 billion burgers are eaten a year, in Wisconsin Seymour, there is something as a Hamburger Hall of Fame, 60% of sandwiches sold globally are hamburgers and, Sonya Thomas holds the world record for eating a Big Daddy Cheeseburger weighing 9 lbs in exactly 27 min. Did you know that the most expensive burger in the world costs $5,000. If we arranged all the burgers eaten by Americans in a year in a straight line, it would be able to circle the Earth 32 times or more. Most burgers in commercial ads aren´t cooked that´s why they look better than when you get them.


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  1. Mrs. Wohlafka

    Hi, Abby!

    Nice blog post! I never heard of Whataburger. I live in New York State, and when I looked them up on the internet, I found out that the closest one to me is in Florida. So maybe I’ll try it sometime in my travels.

    I never knew that bacon is addictive!

    Good job on attributing your photos!

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