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All About Animals

By: catlovers

Tigers are pretty cool animals if I say so myself. Even though they are not the ¨king of the jungle¨ they are still interesting animals. Tiger´s eat mostly ambar deer, wild pigs, water buffalo, and antelope. Since people hunt tigers for their fur there are only an estimated total of 3,000- 4,500 in the wild. 3 out of 9 kinds of the tiger in the world are extinct. Those kinds of tigers are the Caspian tiger, Javan tiger, and the Bali Tiger, but the Southern Chinese tiger is extinct in the wild. But some tigers are close to being extinct, like the Siberian tiger and the Sumatran Tiger.


There are some cool facts about tigers that you may not know. Tiger´s legs are so powerful that when they die they are know to still stay standing up. Tigers are know to have been shot, bleed out, and die and still be standing up. Did you know that tigers are actually nicer than lions. It´s true, unlike lions where if they come across another lion they hunt for the death until one can have the food, tigers on the other hand if they come across another tiger they will possibly share their food. Tigers brains weigh over 300 lbs.  It´s the 2nd largest carnivore brain. The polar bear´s is the 1st largest brain.  There were once 9 species of tigers in the world but now there are only 6. More and more tigers are being killed everyday. The species in tigers have been killed off since the last 80 years. Tigers can leap distance over 6 meters, and jump up to 5 meters vertically. A backhand from a tiger can kill you, yikes! While tigers usually use theur massive teath to kill their victims, they will also use the back of their hand. You might not want to come in contact with a tiger and make it mad.


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    Hi, Abby!

    I like your “Facts” and “Fun Facts” links about tigers!

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